Tregenna Castle Wedding Photos St-Ives

I’ve had an amazing run of weddings that have been blessed with dry weather, I think it’s been something like 20 weddings without a drop of rain to spoil the fun.  So I was slightly concerned when the heavens opened on the morning of Mark and Sophies wedding, but being a man of faith I offered up a few prayers and before we knew it the sun was out!  Yes…  The track record continues!

What a day it turned out to be…  It was a really vibrant wedding with so much colour and joy.  The vicar was one of the happiest and fun I’ve seen in a long while and brought so much life to the ceremony.  After Mark and Sophie tied the knot we formed a massive convey and made away across the county to St Ives and the Tregenna Castle.  We even managed to get some time on the beautiful Porthmeor beach… you gotta love St Ives!


Cornwall Wedding Photographer-1164
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Can you feel the love!

This is a photo I took at a gorgeous wedding in St Ives, Cornwall, young love!  It is these special candid moments that so often go unnoticed that I really love to capture when I photograph weddings… SO cute!

Happy Valentines Day everyone, it’s true all you need is love!


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