St Allen Church Wedding Cornwall

Every wedding is uniquely beautiful and Nicola and Matt’s wedding at StAllen Church in Cornwall really was a stunner.  With friends flocking from near and far to celebrate the wedding of this amazing couple, it was a day of joyful celebration, belly laughter and teary speeches.  After they had tied the knot at the church we headed to cliffs at St Agnes for drinks, a troll on the beach and a wedding breakfast at the brilliant Driftwood Spars.   It really was a wedding to remember.  The chords of love that united families and friends were invisibility woven through the day, are now preserved in some form in these photos…. enjoy.

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Cornish Wedding

After a winter of relentless storms and battering waves, spring has finally sprung, and Ian and Susannah heralded its arrival with a wedding to remember.  With a gorgeous blue dress to match the deep blue of the spring sky this wedding was far from typical.  There were page boys with swords dressed as knights, bridesmaid with rich green dresses with golden details and fresh flowers, and a banquet with some of the best food I’ve tasted at a wedding.  Friends and family came from near and far to celebrate the wedding of this amazing couple.


Wedding Photographer Newquay

Watergate Bay hotel in Newquay is a stunning venue for a wedding.  Perched above the beach it offers the perfect backdrop for a wedding photographer.  And this really was a wedding to remember.  It began when the bride and her daughter had some chill out time in the bath before the wedding, and was topped off when the other half of the wedding party descended into the sea at the end of a great day!  I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.